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3 Versatile Ways to Wear a Blanket Cape

Posted by Kelly on

Blanket capes are one of my favorite fall staples. I love how they are so versatile. 
They can be dressed up, dressed down and styled so many different ways!

I have worn them over dresses for fall and winter weddings. I wear them frequently as an added layer on days when I don’t feel like I need a jacket, but mostly I just wear them because I think they’re awesome and make me feel sophisticated! I have 3 different ways that I love wearing blanket capes that give them completely different feels.

The first way that I wear the cape is just draped over my shoulders, the way you see people wear them for the most part. I love wearing an interesting sweater underneath or complimentary jewelry, and I would say that this is the way that I wear blanket capes the most. It’s super simple and I usually keep one hanging in the closet near the door to throw on on my way out!

The second way I wear the cape is belted. I love finding either a complimentary belt or a statement belt to add to the outfit and give it a more jacket-like look! I wear my capes like this often when I am wearing leggings (or when I didn’t really think about what kind of shirt I wanted to wear underneath!) 

Tip: When wearing your blanket cape belted, only put the belt around the front part of the blanket cape, and feed it through the back to avoid the cape from bulking up too much!

The third way I love to wear blanket capes is probably my favorite! I take one bottom corner of the cape and bring it up and over the opposite shoulder, then fasten it with a brooch to give it a poncho-like feel! I have a ton of fun brooches that I’ve collected over the year, so when blanket capes came back into style, I was over the moon to be able to wear them, plus it makes my life easier by not having to decide whether or not I want to spend my money on the poncho or blanket cape trend… because I can have BOTH!

If I haven’t already convinced you that you need to buy a blanket cape in every color palette, then I’m pretty sure the only other push you will need to do is to head over to the Wake Me Up Goods freshly launched blanket cape section and spend the next 20 minutes or so deciding which colors you need!


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